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Our unique experience allows us to offer our customers the full range of semiconductor services from system architecture design and modelling to layout implementation and verification. Our team excels at innovation, problem-solving and providing robust solutions for complex design challenges.

System Architecture

We consider the architecture analysis and definition phases to be one of the most crucial steps which are undertaken during any development. We utilise proprietary system architecture simulators developed in-house together with leading industrial tools to select the optimum architecture for any system. Precisely-defined key metrics of ASIC, ASSP and SoC designs tailored to the specific technology provide significant benefits by laying strong foundations for the implementation phases, ensuring a smooth and efficient development. 

Design Services

Utilising our design expertise we offer a service that achieves much more than just meeting a target specification. In addition to exceptional design performance we also place a strong focus on customer care and support by providing detailed and regular updates, ensuring any development we become involved with results in success. 

Layout Services

Our continuous work on cutting-edge products ensures we are able to extract the full potential of any technology process. We fully understand how the physical implementation can make or break any design. From chip floorplan to transistor layout we take into consideration the full impact of any physical interactions in order to achieve seamless integration with no undesirable effects, ultimately bringing the final product as close as possible to the schematic design.

IP Design

We provide high-quality IP solutions for ASIC, ASSP and SoC designs. Our portfolio includes a range of high-speed ADC, DAC, PLL, LNA, PA and various other subsystems. We provide our customers with full support to ensure seamless integration for maximum risk reduction and minimum time-to-market.

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