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Reach further than ever

Utilise our ultra-high performance data converters to allow your system to reach new levels

Satellite communications

Our ultra-wide-band sampling ADC/DAC technology enables direct sampling and eliminates the need for a front-end mixer, allowing the full communications bandwidth to be processed digitally using DSP algorithms.

Optical transport networks

Our ultra-high-performance ADCs and DACs in advanced technology nodes form an integral part of optical transport networks, providing comprehensive data centre solutions for 100G/200G/400G and beyond.

5G basestations

Our high-resolution high-speed ADCs and DACs are optimised for wireless applications, supporting RF-SoCs and MIMO antenna arrays, making them ideal solution for 5G basestations.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Our data converters enable data transfer rates at very high speeds and extremely low power from multiple sensors, such as high-resolution cameras, radar, LiDAR, etc to the centralised electronic control unit (ECU) or image signal processor (ISP) of vehicles.

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